1. Post Purchase Panic

    Todays’ blog “post” (sorry!) is all about the oft-forgotten parking post. Perhaps surprisingly, there are lots of different types of parking post. From retractable to lockable, and from “twist out” to “telescopic”, there are many various functions, finishes and fixings to consider. Follow our expert advice below to avoid a parking post pickle, and ensure you end up with the perfect post for the purpose…

    The first thing you’ll want to know is which basic type of parki...

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  2. Beat the Burglars

    A burglar can scan your property for security and weak points in just a few minutes. But with our top 5 handy checks, you can deter intruders in less time than it takes to make a cup of tea. Read on to find out more…

    1) Check your door locks. Are they: attached securely? Functioning effectively? Check for a kitemark as an assurance of quality. Do you have additional locks, bolts etc installed on your main doors? If not, consider having these fitted, it’s a quick job for a big rewa...

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  3. Patio Door Protection

    Often, a burglar will assess the rear entrance of your home first as a potential entry point, as patio or French doors are well known to burglars for their intrinsic design flaws that make them less secure than single leaf doors.

    So, what is it about French doors that make them vulnerable to attack and what can you do to protect them?
    Weakness 1: Large glass panels

    If fitted with ordinary glass, the panels in your French door could easily be broken by a thief to then reach ...

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  4. Bright Lights for Dark Nights

    Darkness can be a safety and security issue for a number of reasons. Unlit areas are more likely to be the site of accidents such as tripping, slipping, falling or even walking straight into things. They are also ideal spots for opportunistic thieves as they can work under cover of darkness and not be spotted by residents or neighbours. On top of this, unless you have a security camera designed to work at night, darkness can severely impair the quality of CCTV footage so unlit areas are more ...

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