Bright Lights for Dark Nights

Bright Lights for Dark Nights

Introducing the new Asec Outdoor Lighting Range and More Solutions for dark nights.

Darkness can be a safety and security issue for a number of reasons. Unlit areas are more likely to be the site of accidents such as tripping, slipping, falling or even walking straight into things. They are also ideal spots for opportunistic thieves as they can work under cover of darkness and not be spotted by residents or neighbours. On top of this, unless you have a security camera designed to work at night, darkness can severely impair the quality of CCTV footage so unlit areas are more likely to be targeted by criminals than well-lit areas.

Fortunately, this isn’t a difficult issue to overcome and the first place to start is with effective outdoor lighting. Whether you want to secure a large garden, a small yard, a shed, driveway, or even a commercial property, we have the solutions to light your way. Lucky for you, we have our all new carefully curated Lighting range on the My Security Store website.

The Asec range of outdoor lighting is both practical and attractive. For an attractive appearance, the Globe and Column Lights provide a contemporary and classy aesthetic while having all the useful features required of outdoor safety and security lights. They have fully adjustable time on and lux-levels with PIR and Photocell and they include a Comfort Light which stays permanently on during hours of darkness. This is particularly useful for lighting dark areas where residents and visitors are at risk of accidents such as trips and falls.

If deterring thieves is your priority, the Asec LED PIR Floodlights are an excellent option. They have PIR motion detectors built in underneath the floodlight with a 12m range and 100° detection zone which is ideal for detecting intruders on your property. Once motion is detected the floodlights are activated, simultaneously scaring off the intruder and allowing them to be seen and/or caught on camera. They are highly efficient, lighting up in less than 0.5 seconds to ensure maximum effectiveness. These floodlights are available in a variety of sizes, shapes and wattages to suit individual requirements.

Additionally, if you require a more permanent choice of floodlight without the PIR detection, these same efficient and versatile floodlights are also available as a standalone floodlight which is not motion activated. These are particularly suitable for areas that require lights constantly on during hours of darkness, such as hotel grounds, gardens and poolsides.

If the dark makes you extra nervous about the security of your property, we also stock a number of PIR detectors which will activate alarm systems to scare burglars and alert residents and neighbors, or even video cameras to catch intruders on film, such as the Yale PIR Video Camera. And if you’re already inside your property and wondering who’s knocking on the door, there are door entry intercoms fitted with LEDs that are designed specifically with night vision qualities in mind, such as the E3000 Video Intercom from Era.

Dark nights make it easier for thieves to lurk unseen, awaiting victims. This means it is a priority to not loiter in risky areas or put oneself in dangerous situations. One easy way to help with this is to find car keys and property keys quickly without the need to stand around rummaging in bags and pockets. We sell various products to help with this, ranging from glow in the dark key tags to the more high-tech TrackR Bravo key rings, which interact with your mobile phone to track the location of missing items and can be remotely commanded to light up. Or how about a slightly more fun option for children and teenagers, like the colourful LED light up “Key Dudes” key rings from Asec? These will make it easier and faster to locate keyholes and gain entry to the property in a jiffy.