Beat the Burglars

Beat the Burglars

5 minutes, 5 checks, 5 x more peace of mind

A burglar can scan your property for security and weak points in just a few minutes. But with our top 5 handy checks, you can deter intruders in less time than it takes to make a cup of tea. Read on to find out more…

1) Check your door locks. Are they: attached securely? Functioning effectively? Check for a kitemark as an assurance of quality. Do you have additional locks, bolts etc installed on your main doors? If not, consider having these fitted, it’s a quick job for a big reward.

2) Similarly, check your window locks, particularly on the ground floor as these are the first to be targeted. Additional locks are always a good idea; why not install a sash blocker, locking handles, or even both?

3) Do a walk test of your home alarm system to make sure it is working effectively. Don’t have a home alarm system? Why not?! Even a dummy bell box installed on the outside of your home can be enough to dissuade a thief. For an extra level of security, you can arrange to have your alarms serviced annually.

4) Do you have outside lighting? If yes, check it works. If you don't, consider installing some as this is also proven to be effective as a deterrent.

5) Finally, a CCTV system can also reduce the likelihood that your property will be targeted. If this is not currently possible for you, check to see if there is visible public CCTV outside your home or business, and also whether there is an effective Neighbourhood Watch presence in the area. Another option is to install CCTV warning signage around the property. Anything you can do to make a burglar feel scrutinized will add an extra level of safety to your property.

We hope you’ve found our quick tips to be useful. You can now test these checks out for yourself to prove just how quick they are! Those 5 minutes could make all the difference to a marauding thief, so save some time in the long run and secure your space today.