How To Guide - Cam Locks

Lights, Cam Locks, Action!

Do you go for the square or the round head and what's the difference between a nut fixing and a snap-in fixing?

Our handy Cam Lock Guides cover everything from head shape to locking action so that you can make a well informed decision.

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Cam Lock Terminology

Parts of the cam lock.

A Nut
B Latch
C Body
D Head


How to Measure Cam Locks

Correctly measure your broken cam lock before buying a replacement to ensure your new lock will fit your application.

A Head Diameter
B Body Length
C Body Height
D Body Width
E Cam Length

Cam Lock Head Shapes

Selecting the correct head shape isn't just for aesthetics, if it is a replacement lock it often will need to be an exact match.

1 Round
2 Conical
3 Cylindrical
4 Square
5 Rectangular

Cam Lock Key Movement

It is important to select a cam lock with the exact same locking movement as the one it is going to replace.

1 90° clockwise
2 90°anti-clockwise
3 180° clockwise
4 180° anti-clockwise
5 90° clockwise
6 90° anti-clockwise
7 360° clockwise
8 90° clockwise
9 90° clockwise

Cam Lock Fixings

If replacing a broken cam lock it is advisable to choose the same fixing as the original, as different fixings suit different application materials.

1 Nut Fixing
2 Horseshoe Clip
3 snap-in

Cam Lock Maintenance

Cam locks today are designed to be very low maintenance however over time a build up of dust and dirt can start to have a detrimental effect on the internal locking mechanisms.

Often the best solution is a blast of compressed air, this can come from a compressor or alternatively a spray can, these can be found in most computer orientated stores.

You should not used a standard liquid based lubricant such as WD40, the wet oil mixes with the dust and clogs the mechanism up, if lubricant is required than a specialist dry graphite based products should be used.

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