Closer Encounters

Closer Encounters

Key Features You Need To Know When Shopping For A Door Closer

Door closers are an underappreciated category of door furniture. They can help to limit the spread of fire within a building, and with backcheck and delayed action, they can also protect your doors and walls from excessive force. Examine the details when buying so that you are able to get the most benefit from the product you choose.

Some important features you need to look for when shopping for a door closer include:

It is useful to know the spring size or “strength” of a door closer when buying, as this is based on the type of door the closer is capable of controlling. These can be fixed or adjustable – adjustable ones can be useful if you are unsure of the strength size required before purchase. All of our overhead door closers are listed with their strength size.

Hold Open:
Many door closers incorporate an optional “hold open” feature, allowing them to be left open at a 90° angle. It is advised that you check with your relevant building authority before using this function as these may not be suitable for certain applications such as fire doors.

Closing Speed:
There are 4 main elements influencing the closing speed of a door. Many of the door closers we supply allow for the following to be fully adjustable to your requirements:

Delayed Action:
This function allows for the door to be held open for a specified amount of time before closing. This is particularly useful for doors in wheelchair accessible buildings.

This slows the final moments of the door opening to provide control and prevent damage.

Adjustable Closing:
This controls the speed at which a door closes from the open position until a few inches before the door shuts (i.e. before the latching).

Adjustable Latching:
This regulates the speed of the last 15° of the closing cycle.

Often customers will ask whether they ought to invest in an overhead or concealed door closer. Generally speaking, overhead closers prove more popular as they preserve the fire integrity of the door, whereas concealed door closers require a part of the door to be cut away, potentially weakening its construction. Floor mounted door closers are also a robust and durable option for heavy doors in high traffic areas.

Our door closers are listed with the fire testing and rating details, helping you to make the right choice. For an extra level of security, you can choose one that has been Certifire approved (look for the small flame icon in the product listing).

If you have any difficulties, please don’t hesitate to contact us, and a member of our team will be happy to help.