Additional Security

Additional security products are generally inexpensive and easy to install.  We stock a variety of additional security products to suit door and window applications including rack bolts, hinge bolts, viewers, door chains & restrictors, window restrictors and letterbox security hoods.  But don't stop there!  Secure your outdoor areas as well with our large range of garage door locks, shutter locks, locking bars and padlocks.  For extra tips and tricks for securing your securing your shed, please read our recent blog post on the topic.

Once you have selected the right product for your application, you can place your order quickly and easily using our secure online shopping facility.  Credit card fraud is a major concern for sellers and shoppers alike.  An easy way to keep your bank details safe is to shop exclusively at secure online shops like Next Day Locks.  We process all payments through PayPal, the most trusted global online payment gateway.

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