UPVC (Multipoint)

We stock an enviable range of UPVC door and window handles, in a variety of styles and finishes.  We also stock a handsome range of multipoint repair locks and associated accessories.  Basically, Next Day Locks has got your back for all things multipoint!

No sure what type of door lock your have?  You might be interested in reading our recent series of blog posts about the most popular types of door locks for timber and UPVC doors.  Got a question about a product or and idea for a blog post?  Why not get in touch, we're always keen to hear customer feedback!

Tired of losing your keys?  Get organised with one of our key rings, key caps or key cabinet.  And if you think it's time to stop keeping a spare key under the door mat (trust us, it's time!) then pick an outdoor key safe while you're at it.

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