A list of the most popular industry abbreviations along with their meanings

0B Zero Bitted
A Amp
AC Alternating Current
ADJ Adjustable
BS British Standard
CM Centimetre
DC Directed Current
Deg Degree
F/L Fail Locked
F/U Fail Unlocked
G Gram
GHZ Giga Hertz
HR Hour
IP Ingress Protection
KA Keyed Alike
KD Keyed To Differ
KG Kilogram
LBS Pounds
LED Light Emitting Diode
M Meter
MA Milliamp
MAX Maximum
MHZ Mega Hertz
MIN Minimum
MK Master Keyed
MM Millimetre
Mon Monitored
MPL Multi Point Lock
N/C Normally Closed
N/O Normally Open
ÂșC Degrees Celsius
SEC Second
V Volt
VP or Visi Visi Packed
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