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New Year, New Products!

Browse our top selling brand new locking products

As the world is welcoming the start of the New Year, we’re now welcoming a wide range of new products which have now been added to our online shop. These new products all have proven popularity and high quality, and we are proud to introduce them to our website at the start of 2018...

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Back To School Safety

Back To School Security Tips

For some parents it will be a daunting new experience, for others it’s the most wonderful time of the year...

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New Festival Security

DNA Marking & Remote Tracking

Fed up of reading the same old unhelpful festival & camping security tips? You might want to check out our game-changing new products...

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Post Purchase Panic

Which Parking Post Should I Buy?

Todays’ blog “post” (haha, sorry) is all about the oft-forgotten parking post. Perhaps surprisingly, there are lots of different types of parking post. From retractable to lockable, and from “twist out” to “telescopic”, there are many various functions, finishes and fixings to consider. Follow our expert advice below to avoid a parking post pickle, and ensure you end up with the perfect post for the purpose…

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Beat the Burglars

5 minutes, 5 checks, 5 x more peace of mind

A burglar can scan your property for security and weak points in just a few minutes. But with our top 5 handy checks, you can deter intruders in less time than it takes to make a cup of tea. Read on to find out more…

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Love Locks - The Great Padlock Debate

Here at Next Day Locks, we love a story about security products, and this one's a real controversy!

The phenomenon of love locks (padlocks which couples affix to bridges to symbolise their love) experiences a surge around this time of year due to Valentine’s Day. Not everybody appreciates the sentiment however, with one person’s romantic gesture being another person’s mindless act of vandalism...

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Window Weak Points

Plus 5 tips on how to secure them

Weak Point 1: Non-locking windows. These really do need a lock or a handle with a lock, especially on the ground floor. The cost of installing an effective locking product is nothing when you consider the potential cost of compromising the security of your home and family....

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Key Features You Need To Know When Shopping For A Door Closer

When one door opens...

Door closers are an underappreciated category of door furniture. They can help to limit the spread of fire within a building, and with backcheck and delayed action, they can also protect your doors and walls from excessive force.  Examine the details when buying so that you are able to get the most benefit from the product you...

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Stocking Stuffers

Security Surprises for your Stocking


As you get closer to finishing the Christmas shopping and wrapping presents, it’s time to consider the finishing touches. Here at Next Day Locks, we have everything you need to fill your stockings and keep them safe. Still in need of some ideas? Then look no further...




Access For All

International Day of People with Disability (IDPwD) and the fight for equal access

The United Nations International Day of People with Disability (IDPwD) has been celebrated worldwide on the 3rd of December since 1992.  The day is used to celebrate the achievements of those living with a disability, as well as to highlight the social and physical barriers that still exist for many in the community. Access plays a...

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Dark winter nights and seasonal crime

Don't become a victim of seasonal crime. Secure your garage door today.

Winter is a busy season for those of us in the security industry.  Various studies have shown there is an element of seasonality to crime, with winter seeing an increase in domestic burglary. Garage door security is an area of home security that often goes overlooked.  Valuable items such as bikes, power tools, Christmas gifts and ladders which can give access to the house are commonly...

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Emergency Exits - Our Silent Saviour

Please take a moment to locate your nearest emergency exit…

Modern day life is filled with warnings and precautions, many of which we choose to either ignore or disbelieve.  The much derided safety warning at the beginning of flights is a fitting example.  But it got us thinking about the tragic beginnings of the emergency exit and positive impact it has had to make large gatherings of...

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Security Standards Explained

What are security standards and why are they important?

When shopping for a replacement lock or security product you can quickly find yourself swimming in a sea of alien acronyms - BS, PAS, CE and the list goes on!  But what do these acronyms mean and why are they important? These acronyms belong to wider set of security standards, certifications and legislation that a new product is tested against to determine how secure and durable it...

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Creepy Clowns

Coming to a city near you... (whether you want it or not!)

A rather unusual and somewhat sinister craze has taken over the United Kingdom.  The “Creepy Clown” craze first began in late August in South Carolina, with reports to police of clowns trying to lure children into the woods.  The sightings have since spread to Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom.  What may have started as a...

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Introducing... Chameleon™

Adaptable Hardware for the UPVC Retrofit Market

Next Day Locks is a proud stockist of some of the oldest and most recognisable brands in security including Yale, Squire and Union.  But we’re also a strong supporter of smaller, independent manufacturers that service a niche segment of the market.  One such manufacturer which has caught our eye over recent months has been Chameleon™. Launched earlier this year, Chameleon™ specialise in...

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Hinges Explained

Get Into The Swing of All Things Hinged!

As the saying goes, big doors swing on little hinges – so you better make sure you choose the right ones! Hinge choice can be confusing given the wide variety of styles and sizes available suit a plethora of applications. In today’s blog post we’re going to discuss five of the most popularly used hinges and the applications they are...

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Safety Tips for Freshers' Week and Beyond

Practical Ways To Stay Safe On And Off Campus

They grow up so quickly, don’t they?  You’ve only just got over the stress of the A-level years and suddenly they’re packing their bags to head off to University!  Moving away from home for the first time can be hard on both students and their parents.  This first step into adulthood leaves parents feeling helpless as their child moves towards taking greater responsibility for their...

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Category Spotlight: Camlocks

Everything you need to know about the humble camlock

You may have never heard of them before, but Cam Locks are a locking product staple found in offices and houses around the world.  Commonly used to secure office furniture such as cabinets and drawers, Cam Locks are easy to replace yourself as long as you buy the correct...

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Patio Door Protection

How to Secure Your Patio Doors Against Unwanted Intruders

In our last blog post, we discussed some of the most popular methods a burglar will use to force entry into you home.  All four of these were targeted at door weaknesses, usually around the cylinder or hinges.  Often, a burglar will assess the rear entrance of your home first as a potential entry point, as patio or French doors are well known to burglars for their intrinsic design...

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Do the Snap, Slip, Bump & Kick!

The 4 Most Popular Methods of Forced Entry

It may sound like a new summer dance craze but snapping, slipping, bumping and kicking are actually some of the most common methods a burglar will use to gain entry to your home.  Luckily there are a range of security products as well as preventative measures you can take to protect your home from these types of attacks.

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Happy Campers

Our Top Tips For A Safe Summer Of Caravanning

Thanks to recent updates to camping facilities across the country, caravans have seen a surge in popularity.  Whether you opt for a top-of-the-range glamper van or a more modest box-on-wheels, your caravan is your home away from home, and as such, you should ensure it is secured properly both on and off the camp site. Today we’re going to discuss some cost-effective...

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Peter Piper Picked a Padlock

How To Choose The Right Padlock For Your Application

We live in the age of the consumer. Never before have we had so much choice! At Next Day Locks, we’re proud to offer you a huge selection of locking products from some of the most trusted brands in the business. But we also know that too much choice can lead to confusion. We hope to quell some of this confusion with our series of product range blog posts. Today we’re going to try and demystify one of our best selling and most...

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What are the Different Types of Door Locks

Part 2: UPVC Doors

Welcome back to the second installment of our two-part discussion of door lock types! This week we shall be exploring the world of multipoint door locks, a locking device commonly found on UPVC doors. If you’re interested in finding out more about timber door locks, make sure you check out part-one of this blog post where we discuss mortice...

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What are the Different Types of Door Locks

Part 1: Timber Doors

Deadlocks, sashlocks, nightlatches – with a dizzying array of door locks on the market it can be hard to know what’s what! Luckily, your choice has already been whittled down for you according to the material of your door.

In part one of our two-part blog on door locks we are going to explore the pros and cons of the two most popular timber door locks; mortice locks and nightlatches.

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What would you do if you were locked out or lost your keys?

Author: Kathy Roberts

We’ve all been there. You step out the house in a hurry only to realise your keys are still on the kitchen table as a gust of wind slams the door shut! With a few simple precautions you can easily avoid an expensive call to the locksmith should you find yourself locked out.

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4 Tips for Tighter Shed Security

Author: Brian Thode (Ironmongery Expert)

Like many of you, the feeling of spring in the air has gotten me outside and into the garden. And while I was out there I realised how much great stuff I’ve got stored in my shed! Valuable items such lawn mowers, power tools and bikes make your shed an attractive target for opportunistic thieves. Despite this, many home owners don’t think to bolster their shed security, relying instead on the... 

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A safe worthy of James Bond

How to shop for a safe like a secrect agent!

We’re huge fans of the silver-tongued spy here at Next Day Locks, so when we came across the Fortress range of Bond-worthy bespoke luxury safes from Döttling, well, we felt the need to share.

Fully customisable, the Fortress boasts practical features such as a maximum of fourteen...

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The 12 Days of Christmas Crime Prevention

With the holiday season fast approaching it’s easy to let chaotic shopping centres and a few too many mulled wines distract you from the increased threat of break-ins and burglaries. But you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to make sure your home is safe these holidays. We’ve compiled a list of simple ways to tighten your personal, home and online security so you can have yourself a merry little Christmas...

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Welcome to

The online store for H. Harrold & Sons

After many months of planning, designing, developing and testing we are delighted to welcome you to our brand new website!

We hope you enjoy browsing our huge range of competitively priced security products – and don’t forget that orders over £30 qualify for FREE delivery.  We’re constantly reviewing...

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